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    By unlokq:28 Apr 18

    GDPR – Storm in an IT cup?

    Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 I always find it enlightening as an alleged IT guy when legal types talk about GDPR. They have a much more pragmatic view of its implications as opposed to those in IT. I will relay some numbers that I heard recently whilst listening to a seminar.1For the year 2016 there were […]

    By unlokq:14 Feb 18

    Acceptable Imperfection, Algorithms and the Quantum Mechanics of Life

    It has been suggested that heredity is founded on quantum mechanics as only the quantum processes of the very small can facilitate the production of such high fidelity copies of DNA, the building blocks of life. Even though there is an extremely low error rate of around one in one billion copy errors, it is […]

    By unlokq:9 Feb 18

    IT Operations, but not as we know it

    There are those who think that IT is all about IT. These same folks that think that shadow-IT is (or was) something that needed to be wiped out (as ‘rogue’-IT). Usually this is by people in IT operations looking for stability and uptime as their measure of success, and they see it as a WAR against […]

    By unlokq:8 Feb 18

    Don’t know your IaaS from your elbow?

    Although it may seem obvious to some, it is not obvious to others about what public cloud (IaaS) providers actually provide. This was evident through conversation with some of my peers.I can only think that this stems from the fact that they see the ‘cloud’ as an extension to the on-premise virtual [machine] infrastructure that […]

    By unlokq:31 Dec 17

    Multi-cloud fallacy

    Keeping your cloud options open appears to be an admirable thing to do since we have been burned previously by vendor lock-in many times. Moving to public cloud appears, at first, to be the ideal time for us to take stock and avoid the same pitfalls. But is it really the same problem?Apples vs. OrangesHistorically […]

    By unlokq:29 Nov 17

    Trust Series 3: Organisations and Leaders

    Leaders TrustSo now we have all the data we require, we have an open organisation willing to share data, but the execution of any strategy is a result of the ability of the individual at the top to get the purpose across to the people that do the work. A leader is hamstrung if they […]

    By unlokq:20 Nov 17

    Trust Series 2: Groups and Brands

    Brand TrustTrust is often the by-product of a set of actions rather than the goal of any specific action. It is often innate; people trust others that they deem to be most like themselves, (until they are proved untrustworthy), it’s the local babysitter conundrum; where in any particular neighbourhood the residents are far more likely […]

    By unlokq:16 Nov 17

    Data democratisation and GDPR

    Your data is data about YOU, who you are, what you have done, or are doing. Where you have been, or what people and companies and organisations you have interacted with. What you have looked at and who you talk to online. Do you know where your data is, and who is using it?We need […]

    By unlokq:7 Nov 17

    Trust Series 1: Individual Trust

    Any business succeeds by making sure that its offering fits the needs of others, either individuals or other organisations. That offering should never remain static! In the age that we live in, if you do not strive to validate that you are continuing to meet their needs then you will be overtaken, or replaced, by […]

    By unlokq:20 Oct 17

    6 effects of de-centralising IT

    This post is prompted by the last entry in a list of 6 by @CIOnline, (link below) titled “IT is still relevant – but only if it adapts”. The word ‘adapt’ seems a little too small in scale to understand the potential change required in a central IT organisation. And note there the use of […]