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    By unlokq:2 Dec 15

    Governance, urggh!

    This post in the How to eat an Elephant, and other IT monitoring problems series is about something that I hate even saying, governance, bleargh! plugh! cough! spit!…. But really, governance is a word that just describes what needs doing. Although it conjures up ideas of endless bureaucracy, in my world this can be boiled […]

    By unlokq:2 Dec 15

    The problem with technologists

    Technologists are selfish. I should know, I am one. But I have been in counselling for a number of years now, and not just for selfishness :-). This post elaborates on how this selfishness affects effective onboarding of applications into monitoring as part of a series of posts with How to eat an Elephant, and […]

    By unlokq:1 Dec 15

    How to eat an elephant, and other IT monitoring problems

    Well, not quite! How to effectively monitor an application, or service. But it might as well be an elephant as in my experience a lot of organizations struggle with how to chunk up this effort into bite sized pieces. In this and subsequent blogs I will attempt to articulate how you might do this is […]