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The UnlokQ Service

Bringing each client 2 decades of industry knowledge and expert perspectives with no vendor agenda. We focus on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to your unique reality. Identifying, measuring and improving key outcomes applicable at each level of an organization, from day one.

Show the contribution of IT, in business terms. Take an analytical and objective look at your IT capability and identify areas that should be developed as exemplars, and those in need of more attention.

Craft compelling business cases that quantifies the return on investment expected for IT to enable your business to support its goals – in the short, medium and longer terms

An experienced partner to take a look into the future – filters the noise into the key decisions that you need to make while you concentrate on making IT work for the business now

Act as a reference point during supplier meetings. Using our knowledge to cut through jargon that might otherwise be overwhelming.

Starting from £500 per month

Buy as much or as little of the service as you need over the duration that is most cost effective for you, and still have the freedom to flex the service as your needs change. Plus get double bubble in month 1 - an effective saving of 50%


Understand the current state as the starting point for your evolution. At worst this might be a journey through a litany of tactical decisions driven by a multitude of different suppliers – often with their own agenda. At best it’s a solid foundation to achieve the goals of the business.

At this stage you gain confidence that the operational design of your IT organisation is fit for purpose. Systems are as resilient, performant and secure as they need to be, you have the requisite support from your suppliers, and the right skills in your team to make the most of it. All at the right cost.


The next stage is to understand the goals of the business and how this translates into the goals of IT, and then to define the strategy by which they can be achieved, and the roadmap for the change.

In line with the roadmap, address not only the technology that is required to change, but also the changes that are required to made by your people in terms of the skills that they need and the processes they follow, or the way that they need to work with each other and the rest of the business.

Technology choices are made following diligent research into suppliers, and technology, understanding the trade-offs between technical perfection, functional capability and commercial factors


Lastly, make the change. Recognising that it is highly likely that;

1. Phases of the roadmap will require iterative modification, as more change is introduced

2. The roadmap itself is subject to evolution

3. The business strategy may also change and influence the IT direction

The whole process, and with any transformation, should be considered continual because of the above although thorough modelling of the enterprise will make subsequent change less onerous as the impact will be more easily quantifiable.

Benefit for you

Reduce Risk

Expose threats that the current IT capability pose to achieving the aims of the business

Optimise Costs

Optimised and predicatble costs - covering technology and organisation - in line with business goals and timescales


Evidenced-based objective planning – removal of personal and supplier agendas