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      Affordable consultancy for SMEs

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      Leading you through change

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      Helping you make the best decisions

    Which one are you?

    The Immersed

    You are increasingly aware that things need to change but don’t get time to look up. You need another pair of eyes to look ahead to the future, but and full-time CTO or CIO is simply not viable.

    Let UnlokQ define the strategy before you start the work

    The Procrastinator

    There are plenty of ideas from yourself, your team, and within the wider organisation, but none of them seem to get off the ground, because no one knows how to start, or how to objectively decide which is more preferable than another.

    Prioritise the right initiatives and create a compelling business case

    The Delegator

    Are you taking shortcuts and trusting your suppliers with your business, but are aware that they have their own agenda, but you don’t have anyone that you can delegate the tasks to.

    Have an expert provide an objective view throughout the entire organisation AND technology