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    About UnlokQ

    UnlokQ – pronounced Unlock You 🙂 – was born after I spent almost 20 years in corporate IT, and seeing a LOT of mistakes!

    I want to stop others making the same ones.

    As an employee of software vendors and managed service providers I got frustrated with the business model that purports to be customer centric but is – without exception – P&L centric

    I have taken a great deal from the consulting methods in these organisations; keepign the good and discarding the bad. The approach that I use is simple, and stems from the trade-offs between cost, quality and speed in the context of YOUR business. Most transformations are predicated on the fact that organisations want to Save Money, Keep Money or Make Money, – though there are indications that this is changing (blog post to follow) – each of these goals will need to be balanced against quality goals that are important to their business and customers, whilst keeping within the business risk profile – or altering it.

    Executives are struggling with developing and executing strategy that enables their companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage. Successful companies use external parties that are able to see the broad picture without the biases – and emotion – that are held within, sometimes these are peers, friends and even family, but sometimes you will need a more formal partner on your journey. UnlokQ can help you see the wood through the trees to create and execute a winning strategy.

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