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    13 Dec 19

    Are specialised roles the way forward?

    Organisations and recruiters are increasingly looking for specialised roles in many fields. Specialisation typically commands higher salaries, so candidate and recruiter positions are easy to understand. But what's in it for the employer? Or, is it just an attribute of a seekers market? HBR has research that suggests specialists innovate more in fast moving environments. But specialists themselves are not the catalyst, it's the existing environment.

    Whilst this has its place it also has its downside. Teams of specialists need an effective collaborative structure, otherwise fiefdoms and egos will take over.

    Specialists will see things only from their specialised perspective. If they only have a hammer in their toolbox, then everything starts to look like a nail. Not the best place to be! The ability to see things through others eyes is important.

    Hammer and nails

    Beware the illusion of speed - Just because the pace of change in your industry in increasing, does not mean it is 'fast'

    A successful team must combine various attributes;

    • Specialised technical knowledge - of course
    • Mutual respect
    • cooperation and
    • an appetite for learning the perspectives of others.

    If you don’t believe me then take a look at this post by Rob Haaring at TopdeskStrangely, this might turn these specialists into something a bit more ‘T-shaped’….a generalist perhaps!

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