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    The UnlokQ Service

    Whether it is the creating resilience to changes in your industry, or creating that change, UnlokQ can help – at an affordable price. Talk to us about the issues you are experiencing. Our service is to take an objective view of your business, define the problem and formulate the path to the solution.

    Focussed on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to your unique reality. Identifying, measuring and improving key outcomes applicable at each level of an organization.

    We can bring

    Reduced Risk

    Expose deficiencies in your organisation that limit your ability to achieve the aims of your business.

    Optimised Resources

    Optimised and predictable costs – attributable to specific business goals and timescales


    Evidenced-based objective planning. Removal of personal and organisational biases, and supplier agendas

    Service to suit your budget

    Buy as much or as little of our skills as you need over a duration that is most suitable for you, whilst retaining the freedom to flex the service as your needs change. Talk to us about discrete, or time-bound, pieces of work from ideation and strategising, to planning and step-wise implementation.

    Our Approach

    The approach used by UnlokQ is quite simple, and shamelessly stolen from the USAF in the 1950’s – The OODA loop. It is equally applicable one-time (round the outer loop) or a longer term partnership, with multiple loops – improving with every iteration.


    Understand the current state as the starting point for your evolution.

    Internally, this might be a journey through a litany of tactical decisions, or a solid foundation for change that should be developed as exemplars.

    This internal view is affected by external circumstances – those outside of your direct control that will inform strategic choices – historic, current or future.

    At this stage the ‘fit’ of the organisation can be seen against the backdrop of the environment.

    Are systems as resilient, performant and secure as they need to be?

    Do you have the requisite support from your suppliers?

    Do you have the skills in the right places and quantity?

    All at the right cost!

    Orient & Decide

    The next stage is to understand the goals of the business and then to define the strategy by which they can be achieved, and the roadmap for the change.

    In line with the roadmap, address the structural changes, if any, that are required, and how they impact the current state. Plus any process and data changes and the required capabilities to support them. How these these capabilities need to be addressed by either people or technology.

    The decisions will need to be underpinned by the funding available. Where funding is not yeta available UnlokQ can craft a business case to request investment or funding.

    Decisions are evidence-based on analysis of trade-offs between perfection, functional capability and commercial factors according to your unique reality


    Lastly, make the change.

    Informed by the decisions made in the earlier stage define the measurement or success.

    Recognising that it is highly likely that;

    1. Phases of the roadmap will require iterative modification, as more change is introduced

    2. The roadmap itself is subject to evolution

    3. Business strategy may change

    The whole process, and with any transformation, should be considered continual because of the above although thorough modelling of the enterprise will make subsequent change less onerous as the impact will be more easily quantifiable.

    UnlokQ can be a stabilising entity removing supplier and political agendas that detract from your goal.